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Date: 01.07.2021
公司 可供下载 视频 毛勒的理念 自1876年成立以来,MAURER一直是一个独立的家族企业。公司原来的业务是钢结构,这仍然是公司的强项。今天,毛勒集团是全球技术市场的领军人物之一。 …  
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Date: 09.06.2021
历史 1876 - On September 19th 1876, Friedrich Maurer opens a small workshop as a metal spinner. In the course of 20 years, a metalware factory evolves from this workshop. 1899 - After…    
More compact and improved: ETA-20/0028 for the XC1 expansion joint Years of development work for the benefit of road traffic. Munich. Innovation is quite big a word; however, the improvements are often in many small details. The MAURER XC1 expansion joint for road…